Paul Dodd
Hardware and Software Design

Thirty two years experience in the conception, design, development and production of software, instrumentation systems, consumer electronics products, and test equipment.

Skills and areas of expertise include:
  • Digital Signal Processing.

  • Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, Optimal Control.

  • Analog Circuit Design: ADCs, DACs, filters, opamps, log amps, etc.

  • Embedded Controller Hardware/Firmware Design: Pentium, TI DaVinci DSPs, PIC(Microchip), Analog Devices DSPs.

  • Software: C, C++, Java, Pascal, and many assembly languages.

  • Nonlinear, Linear, and Predictive Filtering.

  • Statistical Analysis.

  • Dynamic Simulations.

  • Robotics.

  • Digital Circuit Design: Microcontroller to control analog circuits, video and audio waveform generators.

  • Network and serial communications.

  • User interfaces: Microsoft WPF, Java.

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    Oak Valley Development, LLC