Russ Tavernetti
Vice President
Electro-Magnetics and Analog Design

Thirty eight years experience in the conception, design, development and production of hardware, instrumentation systems, consumer electronics products, and test equipment.

Skills and areas of expertise include:
  • Project Management: technical leadership, budgetary and scheduling management, vendor and supplier interface, manufacturing engineering, sales and customer training.

  • Video Design: High speed digital video processing, analog video techniques, monitors, projectors, and camera circuitry.

  • Data Acquisition Systems: Signal processing techniques and practices to accurately convert all forms of analog signals from very slow low-level to very high speed signals.

  • Sensors: Wide range of sensor design and front-end processing techniques; temperature, pressure, electromagnetic, capacitive and optical.

  • Communication Systems: Signal processing related to modulation, transmitting, receiving, spectrum management, channel equalization issues.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: System design issues for EM interference mitigation, proper system shielding and cabling, correct PCB layout practices, filtering and circuitry considerations.

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    Oak Valley Development, LLC