Steve Rapinchuk
Vice President
Software Design

Twenty five years experience in software, system design, testing, and automated process control.

Skills and areas of expertise include:
  • Software: C, C++, PIC (Microchip), 8051, 6805, Z-80, TI DSP, LabView, Tcl/Tk, IBM 370, DOS, Windows, Unix.

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC): Siemens, GE Fanuc, Aromat, and Allen Bradley.

  • Automated Process Control of Large Systems.

  • Hardware/Software Diagnostics and Testing.

  • Data Acquisition using National Instruments hardware and software.

  • User Interfaces: Borland Object Windows Language (OWL), Borland TurboVision, and X-Windows.

  • Protocols: RS-232, RS-485, I2C, IEEE-488 (GPIB).

  • Digital Circuit Design: PC and Microcontroller based testers.

  • Printer Port Programming: Controlling custom hardware via PC's parallel port.

  • Email:

    Oak Valley Development, LLC