Steve Schwarzenbach
Vice President
Hardware Design

Twenty five years experience in the design, development and production of industrial, medical and consumer electronic products.

Skills and areas of expertise:
  • Complete hardware design of a 38mm sq. board used inside video cameras for surveillance applications. The design uses a TMS320DM6437 DSP with 256MB DDR2 RAM. The board takes in digital video data from a front end sensor in various formats, performs intelligent processing and outputs the processed data to a third party board for interface to a PC over Ethernet. Project included firmware to drive the hardware specific functions of the product. The intelligent processing algorithms were written by a third party.

  • Complete hardware and FPGA design of a CCD camera for use in a Biomedical Imaging application. The camera interfaces with a PC using a USB 2.0 high-speed port. All control functions, the CCD sensor interface, USB controller interface and timing are handled in a Xilinx XC3S500E FPGA. Also wrote the GUI interface for the PC in Visual C++.

  • Complete hardware and FPGA design for Biomedical Imaging processor. System consists of a preamplifier board, DSP board and microcontroller board. The preamp board contains 6 channels of PMT amplifiers and 6 channels of 14-bit, 40MHz A/D converters. The DSP board contains 2 TMS320C6415 DSP’s, 256MB SDRAM per DSP, 2 XC2S100E FPGA’s and a GD82541 gigabit Ethernet interface. The board uses an on board PCI bus for DSP communication with the gigabit controller. The PCI central resource is a proprietary design implemented in one of the FPGA’s. The microcontroller board uses a PIC18LF8520, USB 2.0 full-speed port and various system interfaces. The system is used to optically scan cell culture wells, process the optical information and produce images on a computer screen to track culture growth.

  • Complete hardware and FPGA design for Laser Eye surgery optical tracker/processor board. Board is a half-size PCI card that contains 1 TMS320C6415 DSP, 256MB SDRAM, 1 XC2S50 FPGA, one channel each of analog NTSC video decoder and encoder. The board is used to track eye movement and coordinate the surgical laser movement.

  • Complete hardware, FPGA design for an adaptive optic system. Board contains 1 XC2S150E FPGA along with interface circuitry to process images from 2 CCD cameras at 1KHz frame rates and interfaces with a TMS320C6414 DSP on a third party board. The board receives processed data from the DSP, formats it further, and converts it to a 500MHz LVDS data stream for transmission to a third party MEMs controller.

  • Complete hardware, FPGA design for a hard disk inspection system. Board contained 8 ADSP-TS201 DSP’s, 2 XC2S50 FPGA’s, 8 channels of 14-bit, 40MHz A/D converters and an output port for a National Instruments data acquisition card. The board converted 8 channels of differently polarized light (captured and amplified by a third party board), processed the information and generated images for display and analysis in a PC.

  • Complete hardware design for digital video compression product. Design incorporates 16 separate TI TMS320C6414 DSP chips. Each chip has the ability to communicate with any other chip via external memory interface and host port. Routing and arbitration performed using FPGA’s (Xilinx, Spartan II). Product includes ITU-R BT 656 video input, DVB-ASI output, AES/SPDIF audio input, front panel user interface and Ethernet interface. Design effort includes schematic design, timing verification, and FPGA/CPLD design.

Design samples:
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38mm video board
38mm Video Board
detail of 38mm video board
Detail of 38mm Video Board

board detail
Board Detail


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