Some of our clients

Measure while drilling systems.
Stud sensors and electronic levels.
Spinal surgery table.
Electronic road flares.
Video conferencing.
Eye tracker for laser eye surgery.
Speaker phones.
VoIP over small badges like on Star Trek.
PCR system for gene expression.
Waveform analysis of power systems.
Pipe and cable locators.
Fiberoptic communications.
Motor monitoring.
Portable gas detection.
Proteus Biomedical
Internet site caching.
Chemical slurry mixer.
K2 Optronics
Motion control and liquid handling for biomedical.
Power measurement.
Liquid analysis.
Outer space mirror flatness correction equipment.
RKI Instruments
High end audio equipment.
Medical equipment.
Video conferencing over internet and cell phones.
MEMS based crystals.
Bechtel Nevada
American Leak Detection
Wireless link for transferring music from computers to stereos.

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